Us Drivers - British Art Show 8

Monday, February 13 2017

In her role as British Art Show 8 Ambassador, theatre maker and writer Anna Carr met Southampton bus drivers to engage them in the exhibition. She conducted a series of interviews with five of our Unilink drivers, about bus driving, their lives and how they see the city. With the driver’s help Anna edited their conversations into a collection of creative writing, entitled Us Drivers, and installed as a series of panels in the foyer of Southampton Art Gallery.

Drivers, staff, friends and the general public were be able to view Us Drivers, at the Southampton Art Gallery exhibition.

British Art Show is a national touring exhibition that provides a vital overview of some of the most exciting contemporary art produced in the UK. Organised by Hayward Touring at Southbank Centre, London and taking place every five years, it introduces a broad public to a new generation of artists.


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